Rohan Designs: A Photo Bucks Winner

Rohan Designs: A Photo Bucks Winner

A place with a view. That's what one couple invested in, in their new home. It was quaint and, like those around it, built sometime in the 60s or 70s. What's more, the small 1,000 square foot home hadn't seen any kind of renovation since its walls were first built. With a 70s vibe that relied on fake pressboard and dark wood, the homeowners knew something had to be done to make the home more modern. Their first step was to bring in a contractor who did a major remodel. From removing interior walls to changing up the roofline, the investment was slowly starting to look like a home for the owners.

That's where Larry Rohan, of Rohan Designs, entered the project. Referred to the homeowners from another artisan, Larry was the cabinet designer the homeowners had been searching for. Very hands on, the homeowners had a specific idea in mind as far as what they wanted their cabinets to look like. The only problem was, the homeowners were ahead of their time when it came to the final look of their cabinets.

When Larry and the homeowners first began working together, the woman requested an in-drawer electrical outlet for her kitchen. Having seen a DIY outlet in a drawer online at sites like Pinterest and Houzz, the homeowner knew that being able to charge items such as mobile phones and tablets out of sight in a kitchen drawer perfectly synced with her ideas for a modern, clean, clutter-free kitchen.

Larry had to break some bad news to his homeowner: they'd never be able to find an in-drawer outlet that was UL-Listed and up to code that would pass building inspections. He couldn't safely install the solution she so desired in her newly updated kitchen.

Rohan Designs remodel

Coincidently, Larry's long-term hardware supplier partner, EB Bradley, sent Larry a sales flyer, which announced a new innovation. That innovation was Docking Drawer! It was the industry's first UL Listed in-drawer electrical outlet. "Of all the synchronicity that has ever happened, this one was just about perfect," Larry said. Perfect indeed not only for not only creating a charging station in his client's kitchen, but also for taming the styling clutter of blow dryers and curling irons in her bathroom. Best of all, because Docking Drawer offers a full line of charging and powering outlet solutions offering different amounts of extension, we were able to easily specify an outlet to fit all the cabinet sizes, making Larry's job a lot easier. For example, Larry installed a Docking Drawer Slim Series charging outlet inside a kitchen drawer, which the homeowner intends to use when charging her tablet, mobile phone, and laptop. Meanwhile, in the homeowner's remodeled bathroom, Larry installed a Style Drawer series powering outlet into a vertical styling organizer utilizing Pojjo premium stainless steel ventilated capped tube set , perfect for holding hairdryers and curling irons.

Do you have a client in need of the perfect powering or charging solution? Contact us today to learn more about our products or to speak with one of our specification experts. Don't forget to ask about our Photo Bucks program.

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