Pro Specification Tip - More Extension is Better

Pro Specification Tip - More Extension is Better

As a Docking Drawer expert (or as someone who has some experience with Docking Drawer installations) we felt it was time to share several more advanced specification tips with you. After all, you've already installed a Docking Drawer or two-you're ready for some deeper insights.

What is a pro specification tip? These are best practices intended to make specifying a Docking Drawer (and life in general) easier.

Our first pro specification tip of the series is:

Specify the outlet with the most extension that fits into your projects.

What do we mean by this? As you probably already know, Docking Drawer outlets are specified by cabinet NOT drawer depth. For example, if you have charging application in a 24" deep base kitchen cabinet, you will obviously want to specify a Docking Drawer 24 Slim series outlet in order allow the drawer to fully extend and to create an in-drawer charging station. Simple, right?

But wait, you say. What if my base kitchen cabinet is only 21" or 18" deep? What size outlet should I specify? Shouldn't I just specify a Docking Drawer 21" or 18" Slim series outlet?

This is a great question and we're asked this more often than you may think. Luckily, the answer is simple: as a best practice specify the outlet that offers the most extension that fits into your projects. In the case of the 21" cabinet, if the space behind the drawer is at greater than or equal to 17 ½" wide, then specify a Docking Drawer 24" Slim series outlet. The outlet not only offer more extension, but it also fits within the allotted space. By specifying an outlet that provides more extension, the arms move less and the undermount slides can be released to pull the drawer box out without having to remove the receptacle box.  

Keep in mind that the same rules apply for all Docking Drawer powering outlets.

We're also excited to announce that this summer, to support the growing demand and fit the specifications of more projects, Docking Drawer will be launching more charging and powering outlet series ensuring more sizes than ever before to ensure we have an outlet for every type of project.

Would you like more advanced pro tips from Docking Drawer? Stay tuned as we continue to develop them.

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