Against the Grain: The Dyson Hair Dryer

Against the Grain: The Dyson Hair Dryer

It's not easy to go against the grain. Take the hair dryer, for example. Most of us have used a hair dryer at some point in our lives. It's a love/hate relationship. The tool that helps you dry your hair also tends to dry it out, dulls its shine, and may even cause tangles. And while your current hair dryer may have settings such as low or high and warm or cool, there's only so much of a difference between brands you see at the drugstore.

Perhaps that's why Dyson™ an unprecedented $71 million, according to their press team, when they developed the all-new Dyson Super Sonic™. Priced at $399, this Dyson hair dryer, said to be about the size of a travel dryer, does more than just dry your hair.

To start, the Dyson engineers worked on the Super Sonic for about four years, testing it on miles of human hair. Yes, miles of human hair. This is a product that has totally rethought the idea of the hair dryer, which Dyson engineers believe will promote healthier, shinier hair. This belief is based on years of research and testing, something that Dyson does with every product they release on the market.

The Dyson Super Sonic has heat sensors built in next to its airflow. Unlike the hair dryer you can purchase from your local drug store, the Super Sonic takes the air's temperature 20 times per second. That's mind blowing enough, but that data is actually all sent to a microprocessor which can then tell the Super Sonic to adjust its settings. What's more, the Dyson Super Sonic is actually powered by a V9, a newly designed Dyson digital motor.

At Docking Drawer, we know a thing or two about reinventing technology. Scott Dickey, owner of Docking Drawer, took his time to develop outlets that have changed how people charge and power their technology. We also cycle tested Docking Drawer outlets more than 50 times longer than the test required by our independent safety laboratory, Intertek. That's because we're committed to releasing a product that will better the people who use it.

Best of all, the Docking Drawer Style Drawer works in perfect unison with the Dyson Super Sonic. When you're ready to take your drawer to the next level with high end accessories, install a Docking Drawer outlet. Your Dyson will thank you. 


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