3️⃣ Most Popular Drop-Zone Locations

Here’s where we most commonly see the powered drop-zone emerging in customer projects.
laundry room organizers

By definition, you can imagine how a “drop-zone” can easily become a disaster zone, which is why Docking Drawer outlets are so commonly included in drop zone projects. Here are 3 common locations where we’re seeing the powered drop zone appearing in customer projects:


The entryway of the home is where families unload their belongings on the way into the house each day. A dedicated place to connect devices in this area will not only keep surfaces clear of cord and device clutter, but will help keep devices consistently charged and conveniently located to grab on the way each day.

smart entryway ideas


Similar to the entryway, mudrooms are a common location for the powered drop-zone, oftentimes incorporated into island drawers, lockers, and other purposeful areas that compliment our products well.

smart mudroom ideas

Laundry Rooms

This being another interior space that’s often destined for disaster makes it another perfect location for a powered drop-zone. What are people connecting in laundry room drop-zone drawers? Most often we see things like chargeable pet and fitness accessories, which are two categories of devices that are otherwise often misplaced and left with little to no charge.

cord organization ideas

Is your drop zone powered by Docking Drawer? Let us know if we can help you add power and purpose to your drop-zone drawers.

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